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Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Same Love

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“But this is just lust on the first night. If it turns into more then that’s alright.” ;)

hgfds I love boys who can dance

I think I’m in love ok

I love his hair, and this song.

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It’s a load of fucking shit. Fucking hate the government. I don’t care if they keep us in order, the way they go about it is dirty and wrong. We can’t fix it until all the of the old fucks that are in [the government] right now die off. How long have we been waiting for improvement? How long have we been in a pointless war that was sparked by greed? We aren’t becoming a better nation, we are slowly deteriorating and dying off, slowly being taken over by foreign governments and companies. Our nation is corrupt.

Christopher, my ex-boyfriend.

Dude, you should write a slam poem about it.

I’m really glad I told people about my ex-fox yesterday.

My ex-boyfriend, Christopher, has been really down these past few months.  He eventually stopped going outside over the summer, simply staying in his room and making 3D models.  I thought all he needed was friends.  Some socialization would surely cure him.  For a few days, going back to school remedied him.  I though he’d be okay.  

But then he reverted back to his summer self, where he loathes his existance and everyone else’s as well.  Whether I’m included in his list of abhorrence, I don’t know.  

I hate this.
I hate living.
I hate having a mind, soul, and body.

He’s talked about offing himself much more than once.  It’s scary, but if I had to speak honestly, I know he would never do such a thing.  I know him well.  He has a good heart, he realizes what is right and what is wrong.  Yet, the fact he merely says he wants to leave is frightful.  When he’s with his friends, I don’t worry.  But at home, I can’t say the same.

A few days ago I opened up and told Kdawg, Amy, and Emma.  If I had planned it out, I would have only told the first person, but it felt like the right time and place with all three of them there.  

Last night Emma consoled Christopher and brought him out of the dark blue.  He told me she’s now the only one he’s discussed our relationship with.  I’m glad he can manage that.  This morning, he appears to be much more rational.

Now I don’t have to be alone, and neither does he.


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Sitting in a pew ahead of me is a man who looks like Chris.

His body is the same, height and all, down to the ratio of bone to fat to muscle above his elbows.  He dresses the same, with a simple black tee and loose white pants hang around an almost-invisible bubble butt.  His hair is short and just a shade above black, only differing from Chris’ with a small flipping strand at the bottom.  I see him from behind and want to hug him, wrapping my arms under his and clasping my hands over his chest, his shape softly fitting into the curve of mine perfectly.  

I’ve arbitrarily decided he’s a depiction of Chris in the future, as some aspects of him are new to me.  He wears sunglasses and chews gum with his mouth open, a rude habit the Chris of now would never dream of.  He wears a new-age watch on his hand, the kind without numbers on the face but glowing hands, as if it belonged in the latest Tron movie.  But most noticably, he has a girlfriend.  She often plays with her artificially curled hair, always fixing it to fall over her shoulder or behind her back or back over her opposite shoulder.  She is simple, thin, and with her parents, of whom FutureChris gets along with nicely.  He kisses his girlfriend’s cheek often and puts his arm with the watch around her.  But when we pray he unwraps himself and bows his head just above his knees, putting his hands on the back of his head.  He looks humble.  The parents must approve.  

When he turns around to find a friend, I avert my eyes.  I realize his face is as far from Chris’ as I could imagine.  He is too fun-loving.  His arms are too tattooed, and his face is creased permanently from smiling.  He laughs and walks too loosely, not held back by rules.  I can’t ever imagine him like this.  But if he is really Chris from the future, he’s finally enjoying himself.  I amend my prayer, hope the figure in front of me is and will be Chris, and end my prayer to the god who isn’t there.



I think maybe the worst feeling in the world is knowing how genuinely amazing a person is, or a group of people are, and watching them kick the shit out of themselves on a daily basis while you stand back and try to figure out a way to tell them how fucking great they actually are in a way that will actually make them sit still and listen. Like. How the fuck do you get someone to believe that society is sick, not them, and I’m sorry the person you need to love you doesn’t love you back, or wasn’t there for you, or let you down, and I’m sorry that doesn’t stop you from loving them, and I’m sorry that sometimes you can’t be around the person you love or talk to that person, whether it’s a parent or a partner, because sometimes that’s just not healthy, and I’m sorry I don’t know all the answers and I’m sorry that I sometimes try to convince myself I do so I can feel better but you don’t have to feel bad all the time. You do not have to feel bad forever, because you won’t, because you are actually a stellar human being. You actually mean so many things you don’t even know about to so many people that without you, everything would be different, and things with you around are better than anything else I can think of, so you don’t have to be so sad, maybe. Maybe not.

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