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One of my friends got an Alice in Chains tattoo.

The cupboard of a biologist.

The cupboard of a biologist.

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flower crown illustration by Dessie Jackson
see more HERE

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teoduro badiu


teoduro badiu

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Veronica’s butterfly,


charcoal, acrylic and stabilo on paper,

A2 size.

Veronica is an artist who also draws vaginas. We have featured her work on the project Facebook’s page here. She also happens to like it unshaved : her submission was so mind free and somehow subversive in a society that oftenly pressures women to shave themselves to be considered as desirable. Well, let me tell you that, she is unshaved, and hotter than ever this way. She also got a tumblr, feel free to check it here. Thank you Veronica for this submission. Keep it real <3


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Kate McDowell is a sculptor. She explores nature, biodiversity and man’s relationship with wild species through her surrealist animal and anatomical creations.

Beginning with simple inspirations, like humans’ questionable decision to use myxomatosis to control rabbit populations, she inserts unexpected elements like human anatomy to inspire us to ask how we fit into the narrative.

Her dream project (which someone should totally fund):

If I had funding, a large warehouse or gallery space, and a crew of volunteers and artist collaborators I would create an installation of the by-catch of a deep-sea trawler. Basically I’d like to create a pile of life-sized dead sea-life out of fired porcelain or white clay, the approximate volume of a school bus, with here and there a brightly colored orange roughy visible, the actual intended “catch” which is not discarded.

(via Symbiartic, all images copyright Kate McDowell)

The micies and their ears! D’aw!

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Anna Schuleit installed thousands of flowers in the Massachusetts Mental Health Center to commemorate its life, history, and people over the 91 years of its operation.

I like nature indoors. It’s as if it’s reclaiming the land.

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At the art gallery last Friday night, there was pleasant young lady in pink skinny jeans, a loose white top, and short brown hair dyed blonde at the ends.

Damn, that girl is walking around town somewhere.


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Took 5 tabs of acid (first time doing it ever) and my friend gave me a bunch of acrylic paint. Painted it with my fingers tripping out of my mind.

love the left side. gorgeous.

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Dayam. Love.

Dayam. Love.

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