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I have two frequent Squirrel visitors in my backyard. A Black one and a Brown one….


And my dad and I have grown attached to them. 

and since my dad is so unoriginal, he calls them both Charlie, because he once had a pet squirrel named Charlie. 

But I’m me, so I’m obviously more creative. 

The brown one is named Robb Stark (or just Stark), because he’s big and he’s more vigilant. 

The black one is named Jon Snow (I just call him Snow), because he likes to sit on my fence and stare at our house, and only comes into the yard if we have peanuts laying around, and sometimes peaks into our door window to see if we’re there. 

And my dog is Cersei Lannister in all this. She gets really pissed off when Squirrels of Winterfell come into her King’s Yard Landing

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