I think maybe the worst feeling in the world is knowing how genuinely amazing a person is, or a group of people are, and watching them kick the shit out of themselves on a daily basis while you stand back and try to figure out a way to tell them how fucking great they actually are in a way that will actually make them sit still and listen. Like. How the fuck do you get someone to believe that society is sick, not them, and I’m sorry the person you need to love you doesn’t love you back, or wasn’t there for you, or let you down, and I’m sorry that doesn’t stop you from loving them, and I’m sorry that sometimes you can’t be around the person you love or talk to that person, whether it’s a parent or a partner, because sometimes that’s just not healthy, and I’m sorry I don’t know all the answers and I’m sorry that I sometimes try to convince myself I do so I can feel better but you don’t have to feel bad all the time. You do not have to feel bad forever, because you won’t, because you are actually a stellar human being. You actually mean so many things you don’t even know about to so many people that without you, everything would be different, and things with you around are better than anything else I can think of, so you don’t have to be so sad, maybe. Maybe not.

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