A work by Amanda Browder, seen downtown at first Friday.

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I am totally appreciating these tree price tags around campus. (at University of Montana)

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My sleeping buddy, Pascal, and his worn paws.

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Bought a companion. (at The Humane Society of Western Montana)

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Some old animals I found in my room, given to me when I was 11, 17, and 14 years old (left to right).

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A good weekend. (at University Villages)

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My favourite shot of Stacia in Blaque Owl last week. (at Blaque Owl Tattoo)

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Why study when you can be a skink? #sunbathing #almostlikeAustralia (at Linda Vista)

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A warm bicycle rack. (at Missoula Hip Strip)

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Panic at the Disco, in Toronto.

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Schedule for Fall 2014.

Out drinking coffee on the porch this morning. Not much of a view, but it’s nice.

Only one more month until I’m back in Missoula.

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My current collection right now, in order of most favorite to least, left to right.

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A very happy fish at the Toronto aquarium.

Protip: go to the aquarium after 9PM. There are way less whiny kids and way more adults drinking wine.

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Worldpride in Toronto.

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