Panic at the Disco, in Toronto.

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Schedule for Fall 2014.

Out drinking coffee on the porch this morning. Not much of a view, but it’s nice.

Only one more month until I’m back in Missoula.

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My current collection right now, in order of most favorite to least, left to right.

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A very happy fish at the Toronto aquarium.

Protip: go to the aquarium after 9PM. There are way less whiny kids and way more adults drinking wine.

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Worldpride in Toronto.

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Warped Tour aftermath.

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Smoked shisha on the first night meeting my new roommate and her boyfriend. Felt pretty nice, tasted like gum. Too bad it’s like smoking 72638 cigarettes at once.

The beautiful girlfriend, watching reptile shows and eating Kimchi.

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Taken from Snake Island.

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Can’t wait until Stacia is here in Toronto!

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LOL was searching for Toronto World Pride 2014 and this came up..


LOL was searching for Toronto World Pride 2014 and this came up..

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Walking past the Yorkville Library. It’s been decked out for #worldpride! #Toronto

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I dare say I don’t know how TD could be more excited about #WorldPride. #igerstoronto #prideto (at Church & Wellesley - The Village)

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A montage of the only photos I got of a great weekend picnic with Kyle, Joe, and Stacia.

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